Calgary Hypnosis Solutions -Owner Bio Webp
Calgary Hypnosis Solutions -Owner Bio Webp

Hi! We are the Owners,

Shane and Lindsay have years of combined experience with hypnosis and their introduction to hypnosis is a first-hand example of the changes that can occur through hypnosis.

Lindsay suffered an extremely traumatic, life-threatening injury years ago that left her with severe stress/overwhelm and post traumatic stress disorder. Her day-to-day life was disrupted in a significant way. She tried multiple solutions to try and get herself back to who she was prior to this traumatic event.

Nothing helped her make the changes she was trying to make until she found Hypnosis.

Lindsay and Shane both noticed a difference after her first session. Sleep came easier, panic attacks became easier to overcome and the daily stresses that further disrupted her life became easier to manage.

Once she saw the tangible benefits that hypnosis brought her, she made the decision to become a certified consultative hypnotist so she could help others the way that hypnosis was able to help her find herself again and in truth, become an even better version of herself than she was prior to her injury.

Shane and Lindsay have always been a true team as husband and wife. After seeing the powerful and meaningful change that hypnosis brought about in his wife, Shane also made the decision to learn more about it and become a certified consultative hypnotist. Shortly after beginning his journey, he saw how hypnosis was able to help him deal with the stresses of everyday life in a more productive way. He learned the tools to handle these stresses, reduce the effect they had on his mind and his body. Ultimately, it made him a better husband to Lindsay and father to their children.

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